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The Greatness Project


Are You A Greatness Architect?

Seminar after seminar, when we ask people to identify great individuals, almost everyone identifies great people who fall into two distinct categories. First, are those who are historically great — well-known heroes, saints, and geniuses. Participants in our seminars list everyone from Abraham Lincoln to Mother Theresa. In the second […]


Donut or Not?

Okay, I read a lot of blogs. This morning I was reading a blog dissing mindfulness meditation. The writer dismissed mindfulness essentially because it made people too calm. Interesting. She proposed that people are more “human” when they get upset and explode. Aside from an apparently negative view of humanity, […]


Give Time Time

The devil was on my mind this morning and it wasn’t just because I was at church. Okay, it started there. We heard the christian scripture story about Jesus going out to the desert and the devil tempting him. Interestingly, all of the temptations concern solving problems – hunger and […]


Nothing But The Radio On

Our radio host, Joe Fermano, on WNJC 1360 AM, was so excited we could hear him coming out of his chair. His interview about our book, Pathways to Greatness, was scheduled to run 30 minutes with one intermission for commercial break. He skipped the commercial break and went straight through […]


Wadda You Lookin At?

Have you ever had someone look at you? I mean really look at you, deeply, directly into your eyes? It can be disconcerting at times. In some places it can be a direct threat (I was born in New York City). Yet in the best of times it is a […]