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Five Practices for a Great Stay-cation …

Five Practices for a Great Stay-cation

Okay, I just came off a stay-cation and though I have been against them in the past, this one was refreshing. I learned a couple of lessons this time which I’d like to share. All of us need to relax, to rejuvenate and refresh ourselves. It is ideal to get away, far away, but sometimes that isn’t possible. Here are some practices that will make you enjoy your stay-cation fully.

Prepare. Okay this isn’t one of the five, but it is just as important. We all know about leaving the out-of-office message on your phone, or the email response that you aren’t available. But if you are staying home, make sure the grass is mowed and all the little jobs done before you begin vacation (including the laundry). You can lose precious time if you spend your vacation working on your house. So, now to the practices.

1. “Rent” your house. Air BNB and VRBO are just some of the companies that let people rent houses for vacation. During your stay-cation, think about your home as though you rented it from someone else for this vacation. Open the front door and explore the house. Savor the things about your home that you don’t take time to enjoy. I spent every morning of our stay-cation on the front porch of our house drinking coffee. I don’t do that enough and it is really relaxing.

2. Change your routine. Every morning during the work year I get up, get coffee, head into my office, turn on my laptop and then I journal. I completely changed that routine for the stay-cation choosing not to journal at all and heading for the porch with my coffee. Don’t do the same things you normally do when you are home because you will easily fall into old habits.

3. Be Spontaneous. Since you are on vacation, don’t set too many plans. Have fun with spontaneity. In the middle of a rainy day we decided to have a cribbage tournament. It was fun, except that I lost. But it was something we almost never do.

4. Rediscover Friends. We have a group of friends who we rarely see because we all work so hard. We had dinner at one friend’s home one night and had another group of friends in for the weekend. It was a holiday because we usually don’t get enough time with them.

5. Be a Tourist. Most of don’t explore our own area. A simple search of the “top ten things to do in (your county)” gives you options you’ve probably never known about. We finally explored a state park we’d never been to and spent the day bike riding through it. We also found a wonderful new restaurant and other fun things about our area.

There are many reasons that people might choose a stay-cation, yet in the past I’ve found I can easily be sucked back into my normal routine, checking emails, looking for business. This time was different because I approached it with a different mindset. It is possible to rest on a stay-cation with just a few practices. And you will go back to work rested and relaxed.