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Greatness Project 2017

Greatness Project 2017: “We are the creators of our own experience — remembering this and living our lives from this perspective empowers us.” Mike Robbins
Over the years, in many of the workshops I’ve facilitated, I’ve heard the lament “I’ve not found my purpose yet.” This thinking imperils the very end goal many people pursue. When I visualize someone “looking” for their passion or purpose, I picture them looking under rocks with a large magnifying glass.
The idea that my purpose in life or passion is out there waiting for me to find creates two different and very big problems. The first problem is that idea of searching for our purpose makes the world and our lives a big game. Our purpose is hidden out there and we have to find it. Really? Yet, there are no rules, no guidelines and nothing to say when we really find it. That would be a nasty universe indeed. However the second problem is more critical. If we are to “find” our purpose in life, that means that it was planted and planned by someone or something else. It is not really ours, it is imposed on us by something outside of us. So, we don’t really own it and when things get difficult or challenging it is much easier to blame the universe or some higher being rather than persevere in our purpose.
Reality is much simpler, but requires more courage. Our life will be much more powerful, guided, energized when we craft our purpose. It is up to us to evaluate our strengths, what we love to do, how we love to interact and glue all of that together into our life purpose. That is when we truly own our lives. That is when the purpose that we pursue is directly connected to who we are and how we will make a difference in the lives of others.
So, if someone ever asks you “have you found your purpose?” You can respond by offering “no, I’m too busy crafting it.” You will have a much more powerful life and you won’t spend it looking under rocks.