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Greatness Project 2017

Greatness Project 2017: Is There Hope?
Since the beginning of the year I have heard many of my friends and acquaintances say that they anxious or depressed. They are over-eating, over-drinking or just trying any way they can to calm themselves as they look at the national and international news. Many of them can’t keep away from checking the news constantly because they say it is like watching a train wreck in slow motion. And this only deepens their anxiety. Add to this the power of a 24/7/365 news cycle that knows bad news is much more likely to attract people than good news and you have a downward spiral of negativity.
What is playing out on the world stage right now looks like we are headed for a global disaster. From the threat of North Korea, to the swagger of China, to the duplicity of Russia we ricochet from threat to threat without a minute to breathe. When we look at the reality of rising oceans, opioid epidemics, and a failing infrastructure to protect the vulnerable, it can look like the end of the world as we know it.
This is where we need to dream again. Martin Seligman wrote in a recent New York Times article that what separates us from the animals is that we can dream of and plan for the future. He opined that everything we do is focused on something that will happen in the near or far future. So, let’s get to work.
It is easy, when we are in a reactionary mode, to plan our future as a series of defensive measures meant to safeguard our livelihood and the people we love. Yet, reactionary planning only goes so far because the threats are constantly changing. What we need to do on a personal and on a national and international scale is dream of the future we can have. If we are to be “homo prospectus” as Seligman calls it, then let’s have something positive to “prospectus” about.
We have the capability through technology and industry of eliminating poverty worldwide. We have the knowledge and the medicine to end most of the illnesses that plague the vulnerable. There is enough food to feed everyone in the world. These are not just big dreams, they are the reality we aren’t living yet. Individually, on a daily basis, I can help someone in need through a donation, a helping hand, or just by giving my time and being by their side. The more time I spend helping others the less time I will spend checking my phone to see what other threats there are. And I will actually make a difference.
Yes, there is hope. But it will not come as I continue to check my phone for news. It will happen when I put my hand out for someone else, when I speak to them of what they can accomplish, when I dream of and move toward a better world. That is the future that we can and must build.