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High Performing Work Teams

Do your work teams thrive?

Many organizations have moved toward achieving work through teams. Yet sometimes 2+2 doesn’t equal 4. It might not even equal 3. Creating fluid, efficient teams is critical to most organizations. AND these teams can be created. Utilizing the Five Characteristics of High Performing Teams as a benchmark, ASGMC Inc creates workshops and keynotes designed to deliver the most important information on the formation, continuity and the success of teams.


Can anyone lead? We would answer “no.” Can anyone be taught to lead? The answer is “yes.”

Leadership in not a genetic trait. It is a pattern of learned, repeated behaviors. Utilizing the latest research and best practices from around the world, ASGMC delivers the most powerful leadership development ranging from keynotes to workshops to full development programs. ASGMC has developed assessment centers, full talent management programs, high potential leadership programs and much more. Organizations utilize them as leadership experts to offer the latest research and best practices.


Can you communicate and light up a room? Can you influence others to take an action?

The most important business tool for anyone at any level is the ability to communicate effectively and persuasively. Communication is a discipline which, when developed correctly, separates the best from the rest. With decades of experience ASGMC helps individuals become master communicators in multiple venues from the boardroom to the conference room to the ballroom. Through workshops that engage participants at every step in the process allowing them to master critical skills, individuals are changed and motivated to become powerful influential communicators.

Positive Psychology

Positive psychology is the science of studying individuals and organizations at their best. It offers innovative and well-researched ideas that can change individuals and organizations to help them achieve their ultimate goals.

ASGMC, through research, methodology and practice is well grounded in positive psychology. Scott Asalone has his Master of Applied Psychology (MAPP) from the University of Pennsylvania and teaches on the faculty of the MAPP program at Penn. Both Scott and Jan have spoken at international psychology conferences on the intersection of positive psychology and work. They have also been published in positive psychology journals and academic books aside from their own writings and publications. Their keynotes and workshops excite participants to change their lives positively.


  • Connect to Succeed
  • Impression Management
  • The Leader As… (a seven part workshop series on leadership)
  • How to Work a Room
  • Fostering the Energized Workplace
  • Saying it Right Every Time (Presentation skills)
  • The Art of Skillful Listening
  • Thriving in the Midst of Change
  • Creating a High Performance Work Team
  • The Art and Skill of a Team Leader
  • Roadmap to Individual Greatness