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A Pill to Make You Great …

A Pill to Make You Great
What if there was a pill that would allow you to unleash the best of your abilities, your ideas and your actions, would you want that pill? I know I would. Our society likes things to be easier and I admit that I can be tempted by that. But maybe we’ve had the pill all along.
Recently the British Psychological Society published an article comparing multiple studies about the power of placebos. Most of us know that the placebo effect is how our beliefs about a treatment or intervention can powerfully and positively transform or magnify how it affects us. It’s almost like magic (though it’s not magic). Of course, there is also the dark side of these types of effects called the “nocebo” where we magnify the downside or deleterious effects of a treatment or intervention and we can seriously curtail if not cancel the good it might do.
But the pill for greatness doesn’t exist… or does it? Think about the power of the brain. If we can convert an inert treatment into something effective for our health and well-being, how much more can we start believing in that which we need to be at our best. The studies show that even when individuals knew they were receiving a placebo, it was effective. So we don’t have to try to hide our placebo from ourselves.
So, let’s try a massive experiment. Make your own pill. What is it you wish to put aside, unleash, or craft? Think about a way you could ritualize that into an intervention, or a pill and then believe with all your heart that it will have a positive effect. Of course, you will still have to work to unleash your best. But your “pill” may be the one thing that helps you get over the slump or get going on what you want.
Placebos aren’t a bad thing, as a matter of fact they can be quite effective. So what do we have to lose in creating our own? Just remember, our “pill” may give us the desire to get off the couch, we still have to stand up.
Here is the link to the article https://digest.bps.org.uk/2019/03/11/the-placebo-effect-digested-10-amazing-findings/