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About Us

A&S Global Management Consulting, Inc. (ASGMC) believes that every individual and therefore every organization has the potential to achieve success far beyond what they previously achieved. To uncover this potential is the focus of their work.

The mission of ASGMC is to influence, motivate, and inspire individuals and organizations to do something different…to achieve a new level of performance and success in leadership, teamwork, and communication that maximizes and honors the diversity in the organization.

ASGMC, Inc. was founded in 1999 by Scott Asalone and Jan Sparrow. What distinguishes ASGMC is its founders’ passion for learning and development. ASGMC leverages current research from positive psychology, science and business to create keynotes and sessions infused with the latest knowledge and best practices for immediate learning and application.

Since the founders have significant experience in coaching, training, developing, and motivating businesspeople who carry significant profit and loss responsibility, they understand “the bottom line.”

Yet they also carry a profound respect for the needs of an individual as a person. ASGMC develops original course content based on research and practice. It specializes on issues of diversity and inclusion, teamwork, leadership, and communication.