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Jan Sparrow


Meeting Jan Sparrow you will immediately notice her strong conviction for fairness and equality. That belief shows up in all the work she does from leading diversity initiatives, to coaching women on impression management, to facilitating workshops on the energized workplace where everyone can succeed.

This is not a new focus. As a Vice President at Merrill Lynch Jan help launch the fledgling diversity initiatives through her honesty with senior level management. She brought that same level of candor and challenge as she trained all of the branch managers for Merrill Lynch.

Because of her passion for all people to have opportunity Jan co-founded A&S Global Management Consulting, Inc. in 1999 (ASGMC, Inc). Through ASGMC, Inc Jan has facilitated countless workshops around the world so that everyone has the chance to thrive in their work. She continues to challenge and train leaders to be aware of their own mental models and to optimize the strengths of their employees.

Yet another passion sets Jan apart and is critical to the success of ASGMC, Inc. She is a life-long learner. Jan searches constantly to find the latest research and best practices that make a difference in the workplace. Because of this passion the keynotes and workshops of ASGMC, Inc are surfeit with cutting edge ideas and best practices from around the world.

Jan is the co-author of Pathways to Greatness, 2008 and has spoken at three international psychology conferences. She holds a MA in Communication.

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