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Keynote Presentations

Business audiences say:

ASGMC has the proven ability to reach and move us.

Do you need a keynote speaker to provide a business audience with…

  • high levels of energy with a touch of wit?
  • motivation or a new perspective?
  • insights relevant to business?
  • empathy with the concerns of business leaders and professionals?

Each partner of ASGMC offers his or her own unique style. Yet all the partners offer audiences:

  • relevant information
  • down-to-earth humor
  • interactive dialogue

Recent keynote addresses provided by ASGMC have been:

  • Pathways to Greatness: The Art and Science of High Achievement
  • Stress Management and the Art of Juggling
  • Greatness: How to Get It, Keep It, and Give It Away
  • Dealing with Transitions
  • She Said, He Heard; He Said, She Heard
    {gender communication}
  • Top 10 Reasons for Being an Exceptional Leader
  • The Power of Impossible Thinking

Partial list of keynotes

  • Enough About Happiness, Let’s Get Real
  • When Being Your Best is Not Good Enough
  • Design Your Odyssey to Individual Greatness
  • Navigating The Journey of Change
  • Harnessing The Power of Impossible Thinking
  • Unleash Your Passion, Uncover Your Purpose

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