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Scott Anthony Asalone


Scott believes that all people have untapped strength and ability and that if this energy and knowledge were unleashed individuals would exceed their dreams and organizations would crush the competition. From his keynotes to workshops, Scott challenges participants and organizations to strive for their “greatness.” Nothing less will do.

This passionate belief was evident in the work Scott did as a Vice President at Merrill Lynch where he ran management/leadership training for employees in the home office. Whether during an assessment center, where he asked the best of the participants or while speaking to leaders in Europe, Scott guided people beyond what they thought they were capable of and celebrated with them when they achieved new heights.

After co-founding A&S Global Management Consulting, Inc. in 1999 Scott began a consistent study of individual and organizational greatness examining both the psychological research and organizational best practices. He founded The Greatness ProjectR in 2000 to continue exploring greatness, and to publish the results. All of the keynotes and workshops offered globally by ASGMC, Inc. bear Scott’s passion for pursuing individual and organizational greatness. He co-authored Pathways to Greatness in 2008 and continues to research, write and speak about greatness.

Scott believes in learning and holds a Master of Divinity and a Master of Applied Positive Psychology. He is a member of the International Positive Psychology Association and the American Psychological Association. He has spoken at multiple psychology conferences about the connection of work and psychology and continues writing.

Books and contributions by Scott Asalone:

  • Gloria The Christmas Angel 2000
  • Bounding Down the Stairs 2005
  • Pathways to Greatness: 77 Essays from The Greatness Project 2008
  • Positive Psychology in The Professional Environment – Chapter 12 Positive Psychology and High Performance Teams 2014
  • Character Strengths Matter – “Using a Strengths Assessment” 2015