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Your professional development presentation to the entire conference on “Fostering the Energized Workplace” as well as the sessions for the HR group involving “Managing Difficult People” and “Health and Well-Being” were both entertaining and informative.  Participates from the main session left “energized” and the other sessions provided great personal insights and learning tips!Gloria - Jewish Federations of North America
Fantastic facilitation today!!Robert Sr., Organization Development Consultant, Oracle
Thank you for everything. You go above and beyond and give the participants an experience they will remember. Thanks for all you do for us. We look forward to doing more of this in the future. Alan, Vice President, JCC Association
Thanks again for making your services so accessible to our community – you’ve had an incredible impact this year on the leadership and forward movement of Charlotte’s Jewish community.  Well done! It was great to see you again, and wishing you well on all that comes next for you.Sue, Executive Director, Federation of Greater Charlotte
I just recently heard you speak to the Bernstein Leadership Group. Thank you for your Road Map to Personal Greatness. I will definitely be incorporating some of your ideas into my own Life plan.Sheri, Analyst, Babson Capital Management