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The Question That Changes Lives …

The Question That Changes Lives

Have you ever had a moment when you read something and it stopped you dead in your tracks? It happened to me at Starbucks this morning. No, I wasn’t reading anything about coffee, but let me fill in the pieces.
Every year, I create my personal goals for the New Year and my husband does this also. Over dinner we share what we want to accomplish for ourselves individually, and talk about what we’d like to commit to do, together for the year. These resolutions might be about health or taking more time together. Occasionally we add a life goal, like traveling to South Africa. Oh, and when we are done, we type them up and put them on the refrigerator.
This year was difficult for me. I read through many articles about resolutions and goal setting, all of them written as though they had the perfect answer. I came up with some personal goals that I thought would be meaningful, but wasn’t wowed by them. Then this morning leaving Starbucks, I looked at a quote someone had posted on the wall by Martin Luther King Jr. It said, “Life’s most persistent and urgent question is, what are you doing for others?”
That question changes the focus of so much goal setting. There is a strong tendency when we set our New Year’s resolutions to focus on the things that we believe will make us better people. But the focus is on us. Wouldn’t it be amazing instead if we made resolutions that focus on the things that will help others. Those are the resolutions to commit to because they actually make us better people, bring out our good angels and change the world. I know I need to rethink some of my resolutions.