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Want a Fresh Start? How About Monday? …

Want a Fresh Start? How About Monday?

It’s not the New Year, so why would I write about changing your life at this time of year? Because of Passover, Easter, Spring Equinox or just, Monday. What do I mean?
As humans we tend to wait for certain moments to start change in our lives, to commit to something new. Researchers at Wharton found that people begin life changes at times of “temporal landmarks.” Temporal landmarks are dates that are significant to us. They can be “social” temporal landmarks, ones that all of society knows like New Year’s Day. Or they can be “personal” temporal landmarks, like a birthday or first day of a new job. Even Mondays are days many people use as a time to start afresh.
But why would these temporal landmarks mean anything toward our success? Apparently, they work because we are conditioned toward the “fresh start” effect. As researchers discovered, we can create a new image of ourselves in which we will embrace whatever discipline or behavior we desire. Simultaneously, and perhaps more importantly, we forget or forgive all our past failures for that same goal. We tell ourselves it will be different this time. So essentially, we start over.
So why now? Easter, Passover, Spring Equinox are all about starting new and new growth. So, what do you want to accomplish? Who do you want to be? Now is the time for a fresh start. Or, if you don’t find anything motivating about Easter, Passover or the Spring Equinox… just start on Monday.